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Kingswood Secondary Academy


The word 'curriculum' is understood at Kingswood in its broadest sense. It is more than the subjects on the timetable followed by the students. The school's curriculum covers all the planned activities in which students are involved; activities in classrooms, laboratories, workshops, the library, the sports hall, during visits and residentials, even in corridors and playgrounds.

Our curriculum is structured around several key areas of experience. All students have a right to study these areas in a manner that takes full account of their potential and capability. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced entitlement curriculum whereby, increasingly, students acquire the skills, knowledge, concepts and understanding to develop their full potential, whilst at school and as adults.

Kingswood develops in students the specific skills of numeracy, literacy, information technology, communication, physical coordination, logical thought, problem solving, information skills, experimentation, empathy and interpretation - as well as social skills such as working with others. In doing so, we try to enhance literacy and numeracy skills across all subjects while providing the opportunity to develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness that promotes British values.

All students in Years 7 to 11 have 30 teaching periods a week with each period lasting fifty minutes.

In general, throughout the Key Stage 3 students are set according to ability in both English and Mathematics. They are also set in most of their other subjects within a broad band of learners and are in mixed groups for PE and Design Technology. In all years, students are following programmes of study that match the new National Curriculum. Details of the subjects can be found by following the links for each subject.

 In Key Stage 4 we have 3 distinct curriculum pathways: A – Applied skills pathway. B – eBacc pathway. C – Core. Details of each pathway can be found by following the links in the Curriculum Plan below. Students in English, Maths and Science are banded into ability groups to maximise their progress.

In Key Stage 5, students enter into our Sixth Form. Most choose a 2 year programme where they study Level 3 courses: A Levels, BTEC Nationals or a combination of both. Students study 4 subjects in Year 12 gaining AS accreditation at the Year 12 half-way point. Most then choose to study 3 A level (A2) subjects in Year 13. Some choose to return to the Sixth Form for one year of study in the first instance where they complete Level 2 courses to enable them to progress on to a Level 3 pathway at the end of Year 12. Any student who has not achieved a C grade in English and/or Mathematics on entry to the Sixth Form will be required to undertake a re-sit in these subjects. 

In line with our core values - equality, community, respect, responsibility, high expectations and achievement - the curriculum at Kingswood Secondary Academy aims to help students to think and to act for themselves whilst respecting the views of others; to care for themselves and to care for others; to have the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with the world as it is now and the initiative and imagination to build on the knowledge of the past with the future in mind.

If you require further information about any subject please contact the Academy on 01536 741857.

Please open the document below for further information regarding our curriculum.

Curriculum Summary 2016 - 2017