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Kingswood Secondary Academy


Mr M Mpieri (BSC, MSC, PGCE) – Director of Mathematics

"I started teaching Mathematics as a qualified teacher in 1998 at a Northamptonshire independent grammar school.  I have taught all key stages in a range of schools from independent to comprehensive.  My previous roles have included Gifted and Talented Coordinator, Director of Mathematics and Assistant Vice Principal with responsibility for raising standards.  As a Mathematician, I have the passion to see students thrive and so, will unwaveringly support and inspire them to see that there are no limits to what they can achieve.  My focus is mainly on the attainment and progress of all learners.  I strive to educate the whole child and as a result, I do not accept excuses for underachievement. The reason is very simple: I strongly believe that every child can truly succeed if given the opportunity.  Kingswood is a great place to work and you really have to come and see it yourself".

Neil Addy
Sally Bryant

Rebecca Boulton Roe

"I joined Kingswood in 2002 as a general TA. My passion for maths was noticed and I became maths specialist TA, quickly followed by HLTA status.  My role is intervention -  this takes place across all year groups in collaboration with the class teachers.  I am able to take the student back to the point where their understanding broke down and then rebuild with secure knowledge.

I am at Study Hub after school every day to offer maths specialist advice.

I love my job , the main reward being when a student suddenly "get's it"."

Grant de Kock

"I have been working at Kingswood Secondary since October 2015. Initially as the IT Technician, however I have always had a desire to teach maths and have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do this. I have been a Maths Instructor since September 2017 and have enjoyed every bit of it so far."

Lisa Hedges (Assistant Principal)

Jon Lawson (Deputy Principal)

"I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching at Kingswood for just over twenty years! I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Geography at Loughborough University, before heading to Bath University for a year to complete my PGCE. I've taught Geography, History and RS before switching to Maths. When I'm not teaching my role as Deputy Principal keeps me just a little busy."

Suzanne Johnson
Thomas Lilley

Beverley Pitcher

"Initially a Further Education teacher, I have moved into school teaching four years ago to teach maths from SEN levels to Key Stage 4"

Maxwell Sam  -  Lead Practitioner & KS4 Co-ordinator: Maths

"I joined Kingswood Secondary Academy in 2016 from Corby Business Academy.  I am a Mathematics Teacher.  My prime objective in my profession is to raise students standard of mathematics to a level they can always live, and be lived with, in wherever they find themselves in the world.  I have been a positive role model for most students all over the world. Brighten the corner wherever you are is my hallmark. I have on a number of occasions presented two teams for Maths Team Challenges, and in all cases, we are the best or among the best (1st, 2nd or 3rd positions ) for both teams.  'Never say die until the bones are rotten'."

Kyla Smith -Teacher of Mathematics

"I have been at Kingswood Secondary Academy since September 2015. I gained my Mathematical Science Degree from the University of the West of Scotland, then moved to England in 2014 were I completed my PGCE at Loughborough University.  "